August Report

At the end of the summer holidays, we saw a continued increase in demand for emergency food.  Here at the Hub, we supported F3, a holiday food project for families.  We provided a pick up point for families who contacted F3 – by getting families to come here, we could make more families aware of the support available, and be able to signpost to the advice they needed.

Many of the families reported that it was becoming increasingly difficult to make ends meet, and were already aware of the traditional support such as free school meals and school clothing grant.  However, most who picked up a food parcel weren’t aware of the clothing bank, and that we had a “pay-as-you-feel” shop.  Many parents benefited from getting some extra children’s clothes, extra school uniforms and clothes for themselves.  And with the opportunity to pay, donate or create (a tidy space), many didn’t feel so bad taking free clothes, knowing they have contributed in some way.


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Coordinator of the Hub in Dunfermline.