Evaluation and Monitoring

Gathering statistics and making reports is a crucial part of what the Hub does.  Not only do we need to report our successes, we need to reflect, adapt and improve after our failures.

Because the Hub is sometimes the first service people have accessed, we need to improve on the information we gather.  Currently, the volunteer team gather data when they give more detailed and in-depth advice, which doesn’t reflect the casual, one-off or quick enquiries, nor monitors the footfall of the more popular services such as the Credit Union.

Therefore, we spent some time with the Coordinator, mapping out what we should be recording, finding the best methods to do so, and how we can develop monthly reports easily and efficiently.  We had a variety of tools available to us – the Coordinator had already developed online questionnaires, which uses a simple interface to enter the data, and uploads it to a spreadsheet for analysis later.  The volunteer team were already familiar with these questionnaires, so it was easy to develop one that monitors footfall, what information people asked for, and what information was provided.

Using tools like this means they are adaptable, meaning we can change, add or take out information we want, instantly.  Evaluation is ever-changing – what’s relevant now, might not be relevant in a few months time, or to particular funders or stakeholders.  Online tools like these also cut down on paper waste, time and resources.

So we trialled a new questionnaire on the 15th August 2016, with a view to establishing the system by the start of September.

We hope that this will assist the Coordinator to provide a fuller picture of the citizens who access the Hub, what their needs are, and the outcomes achieved.

We're a team from Scottish Government Social Justice and Regeneration department. Between us, we have a vast experience of working the Third Sector and Local Authority, and we're here to help the Dunfermline Advice Hub to reach is fullest potential. Our team consists of: Dave Kilgour, from Aberdeen City Council, Martin McAulay, from COSLA and Edinburgh Council and Stephanie Plotnikoff from Glasgow, various Third Sector Organisations.