Final Stakeholder’s Report – Reflections

With all our Stakeholder activities now concluded, we set ourselves the task of reflecting on each event, and the key lessons we needed to take on board.  Personally, I really like this bit – it always reminds me that all the effort and work was WORTH IT!

Another reason I really like this stage, because we all step back and realise that we are all aiming towards the same thing – equality, dignity, respect, excellent service delivery, and building resilience.  And that we, across all our different agencies, organisations and community groups, are working with the same people, and that we can only achieve our aims by working together for the benefit of our mutual service users.

The conclusions from our stakeholder activities show that there is a desire from the participating organisations to be more involved and to build more collective responsibility.  We are mindful of the challenges – in this climate of ever decreasing funds, we are more and more pushed to deliver more with less resources.  Going forward, however, how can we ignore the mutual benefits of the Hub for all our services and more importantly, for our citizens?

Click here for the full report, or here for our summary infographic!



Coordinator of the Hub in Dunfermline.