Going Forward…

We reviewed our progress on the 3 workstreams identified from the Stakeholders event in June – since June, we’ve met in working groups on each of the main topics: Community Engagement & Capacity Building, Partnerships, Collaboration, Shared Vision & Values, and Marketing & Layout.  Once we’d established these three workshops, we then agreed that ideally they would be led by cross-sector leads. It is our hope that this will be a mix of community members, community activists, volunteers and staff from the council, third sector and private sector.

Each group now has leads in place, and have all met at least once to collaborate on agreed actions to head us towards our vision

Because all of us are doing something that sits outside of our differing areas of work and interests…..to do something quite different, we keep returning to our vision as a wee reminder to keep us on track….

For all our meetings we aim to ensure that everyone gets a chance to mix and mingle, to learn who each other are, put names to faces and have a wee tour of the hub to keep up-to-date with what’s going on. We learned early on that creating an informal and relaxed space, and not being rushed, helps people to get creative and innovative and for ideas to flow. We know that if we want different outcomes we need to work differently to achieve them. This includes feeling safe to suggest ‘crazy ideas’, take some risks knowing that ‘stuff’ might not work, but we’ll learn lots, and try something else in it’s place.

Our discussions include the many suggestions that people have put forward, and our actions are agreed on the basis of those who come to share their support, knowledge, skills and passion at each session.

We're a team from Scottish Government Social Justice and Regeneration department. Between us, we have a vast experience of working the Third Sector and Local Authority, and we're here to help the Dunfermline Advice Hub to reach is fullest potential. Our team consists of: Dave Kilgour, from Aberdeen City Council, Martin McAulay, from COSLA and Edinburgh Council and Stephanie Plotnikoff from Glasgow, various Third Sector Organisations.