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Launching the Dunfermline Advice Hub Website!

Katie : 23rd June 2015 1:12 pm : Opening, The Hub Blog

Today, we launched our website, a way for you to get in the know about all that’s happening at the Dunfermline Advice Hub and the community as a whole! This is where we’ll keep you updated about what our plans are, the events we’ll be holding and anything that is going on in the Dunfermline Community.

So what’s been done so far?  Well, we’ve secured a location, a brilliant spot right in the centre of Dunfermline. We’ve a few things we need to get sorted, like getting the phones in, getting furniture and the like, but its all coming together nicely.

Our next step is to get moved in, get some events planned and get our name out there so that we can bring more partners on board!  We have some exciting plans already, but we’ll reveal them once we’ve got it set in stone!

Let us know if you have any questions, we’d love to get your feedback on what’s happening!

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New Beginnings!

Katie : 22nd June 2015 3:23 pm : The Hub Blog

We’re making so much progress!  Its been an exciting roller coaster ride, with lots of new challenges.  We’ve appointed a full time Coordinator to undertake the every day running, and we’ve acquired a shop premises.


We’re anticipating some interesting challenges along the way – the Hub is looking so sparse at the moment, that its hard to imagine it as a community venue.  But we’ll get there!

The first thing we’ll do is make this space a warm and welcoming place to be.  Furniture Plus have already promised us any furniture we need, and put us in touch with another reuse charity, ACE Recycling, who specialise in office clearances.  Hopefully we’ll get a bargain or two!

Secondly, we’ll need help to develop our marketing materials.  Its important, especially for new, ground-breaking projects, to have a recognisable, distinct logo.

And thirdly, we’ll need to work hard to establish good relationships with local organisations.  We can open the shop, but if we don’t have the services, then there’s no point.  Our Coordinator, Katie, will be working hard to meet up with local organisations, and working to develop a programme of advice sessions to get us started.

Keep checking back on our progress – we’ve got so much to do and its moving along so quick!

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