Partnership Coordinator Update: Stakeholders Event 2

For our second stakeholders event, we invited frontline workers and volunteers for a more hands-on, practical workshop on how we can make the Hub a better place.

Nineteen participants from 10 organisations attended, and we reflected on the journey so far, under the Dunfermline Advice Hub umbrella. We gave a short presentation (DAH Stakeholder Event 2 190218) on the Hub, showing its merits and acknowledge wide range of expertise and experience that each of the partners have contributed since the project started. Citizens Advice and Rights also contributed a short animation, giving a snap shot of the Hub’s activities in 2017:

After this, we broke in to small groups, and discussed the following themes:

  • The underlying issues our citizens face, and reasons why they access our services
  • The barriers people face in accessing services
  • Challenges within our own services, and potential barriers people face in accessing us

For our second workshop, we looked at a case study, a citizen called Jim.  Jim is an example of the type of recurring issues we all see in our citizens, and we discussed ways of how we can all be more “person-centred”.  The participants were able to see how they are part of a wider network of support, and from this, we were able to discuss further how the Hub can be a better, more cohesive service for both the service-user and the services, by acting as a Single-Point-Of-Contact.

Lastly, we gave the participants the opportunity to discuss and put forward a “wish-list” for our new venue.  We hope to move in the summer of 2018, and its important that we create a space that the partners can use, like and want to be in!  We got lots of positive feedback, and the participants expressed enthusiasm and excitement for the future developments!

If you would like a full report of the event and the feedback given, please contact us.

Finally, we will host one more event, which will conclude the stakeholders feedback sessions, and give an overview of action points that we will take forward.

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