Partnership Coordinator Update

Hi, I’m Juliet, and I’ve been working for the Hub for 2 months now as the Partnership development Coordinator.  My job is to work with the Stakeholders of the Hub to ascertain how we can improve our partnership working in Dunfermline, and to do this, I’ve been talking to some of the key Stakeholders on a one-to-one basis.  By doing this, I’ve been:

  • Investigating the current partnerships developed so far
  • Ascertaining  the perceived barriers, challenges and concerns
  • Gathering ideas, suggestions, aspirations and thoughts on what partnership working in Dunfermline looks like.  


I’ve spoken to 16 organisations and 36 different people, all who have a direct presence here at the Hub.  From these discussions, I’ve been able to get to grips with how the stakeholders use the Hub presently, and the challenges they’ve encountered.  Feedback about the Hub has been mostly positive, particularly in the ability to network with other organisations easily. However, the venue and facilities have raised some challenges, particularly around private spaces and heating.


The chats I’ve had with the stakeholders have been invaluable – whilst there has been challenges, stakeholders unanimously agreed that the merits of the Hub outweighed the drawbacks. There is a passion and a desire within the group to work differently and more efficiently, and many saw the Hub being the vehicle for that to happen.  


Katie and I are now using this feedback to develop and deliver three Stakeholder Events, and two networking events.  For the first stakeholder event, planned for January, we are very keen to invite management, CEOs and Trustees of the partner organisations, to get a more strategic overview of how the Hub can integrate and supplement each service in Dunfermline.  We’re really looking forward to seeing what comes of these, and we’ll report back on the event and what we plan to do next!

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