January Report 2019

Happy New Year!

We’ve got a new look report this month! We collect a lot of stats on the people who attend the Hub, what sessions and the reasons they need help, which can be a bit overwhelming! However, we’re seeing recurring reasons why people are attending the Hub, so we’ve developed a more thematic approach to these reports.

See the report here>>

For those who asked for information, Food Aid was the most requested topic (17%), followed by Benefits (13%) and Information on a specific service (10%). This shows us that people are still in desperate need for food, such as foodbank assistance.

The biggest reason for people having to access information and support was a Change of Circumstance – this is quite vague when taken on face value, but it covers a range of reasons such as family breakdown, change in working hours, loss of job, etc. What this shows is that a small change of circumstance for some people can mean a huge impact, resulting in having to access urgent support, such as the foodbank. This is a challenge for us as support services, to offer more preventative services, and help people to become more reslient to sudden changes or financial shock. The second biggest reason reported was low income and money not going far enough and the third, homelessness.

If you would like any further information on this report, how we use statistics, and how we interpret them, please get in contact with us here.