It was a delight to host our first learning event for local workers, and relaunch the Hub in its new premises in Chapel Street. We had organised for local workers to come along, take part in activities, learn about other services and to connect with each other – in other words, become a kent face*.

*Kent Face: Scottish slang for a person who is well know and popular

In all, it was a very popular event – 48 individuals from 31 organisations attended on the day, and contributed over 400 bits of information, suggestions, ideas, aspirations, and truths. Its taken us some time to get through it all, and in order to do it all justice, we’ve created a summary report, reports on each of the activities, and created separate publications from the ice-breaker and challenging misconceptions activities.

The challenge now for us here at the hub is to continue this enthusiasm for learning about other services, and connecting with each other on a personal level. Whilst we all recognise that this is important, we sometimes don’t give it the priority it needs. So, we will continue to create these opportunities for learning, but also opportunities to work in partnership to deliver these events.

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See below for reports and publications: