Hub Reception Closed!

Its a bank holiday on the 5th August, so we’ll be closed along with Conduit Scotland. Kingdom Community Bank, Welfare Support Session and British Red Cross Friendship group is cancelled for that day.

The Hub will reopen on the 6th, but our Coordinator will be on holiday until 19th August, so our General Information Service will be closed. But don’t worry! All our regular advice sessions, appointments and groups are still on!

Information Library – for everyone to use, sorted out into themes so information is easy and quick to find.

You can also access our information library – there’s a wealth of information and support there, all sorted in to themes for easy reference.

And if you need help more urgently, here’s a list of useful phone numbers:

  • Scottish Welfare Fund: 0300 555 0265
  • Citizens Advice and Rights Fife: 0345 1400 094
  • Emergency Social Work: 0345 155 1503
  • Adult Protection: 01383 602200
  • ADAPT/FASS 01592 321321

(Got a room booking and need to cancel? Call Conduit Scotland Dunfermline shop 01383 668478 – please note, this number is for cancellations only).