December 2020 Report

December has seen an increase in enquiries , partner engagement and referrals predominantly for the foodbank and
food projects in the area. It has also been a challenging time for many members of the community over the festive
period. I put together an information leaflet on all the local food projects who were providing services during this time.
This document was shared amongst partner agencies, voluntary organisations, social media, members of the community
and was well received by all. This co-ordinated approach ensured that no-one would go hungry and support was there
during the Christmas break.

I also engaged with The Salvation Army and Dunfermline Children’s Clothing Banks to ensure that a number of
vulnerable families in the area were given gifts and clothes for their children.

It has been encouraging to see the number of Agencies and Organisations that are working together in the Dunfermline
and surrounding areas, making a difference and improving the quality of life for a number of members of the community

Please click on the link below to download out December report.