We work in close partnership with a variety of different organisations, to deliver a holistic service for the Dunfermline Community. We can help you to access support for a wide variety of issues, such as food, benefits, savings, loans, legal, clothing, furniture, housing, debt, volunteering, heating, finding a job, substance misuse and recovery, plus much more.

Our partners deliver drop-in advice sessions on specific subjects, giving you instant access to specialist help and support here in Dunfermline. Details of our advice sessions are found here.

taDAH May 2019

We also offer networking and learning events throughout the year for local workers and volunteers (see here for a report on our launch event). These events help local workers and volunteers to get to know one another on a personal level as we always work better together when we know the people we’re referring on to. This hugely benefits our local community – individuals experience a smoother journey between services, and be confident that the service they are being referred to will pick them up quickly and efficiently. If you would like email alerts about these learning events, please sign up here.