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Dunfermline Advice Hub, Conduit Scotland/Five Lamps (Dunfermline Advice Hub’s Parent Company) is committed to safeguarding the privacy of our website visitors. This policy applies where we are acting as a data controller with respect to the personal data of our visitors in other words, where we determine the purposes and means of the processing of that personal data.

We will obtain your personal details when you complete an online enquiry on our Contact Us page, community feedback page or Safe Space Form. The data we will collect includes; your name, email address and telephone number. You will be consenting to volunteer this information for the purposes of us dealing with your request. We also monitor activity on our website through the use of cookies, this includes; the number of times you visit our website, the pages you visit and the times you visit. The data we collect is aggregated or statistical, which means that we will not be able to identify you individually. To download our cookies policy please click here.

Please download our full Five Lamps Trading Privacy Policy (word) If you have any questions regarding the Policy, you can contact Five Lamps Quality Manager. Nichola Storr.

*Please note, we update our privacy policy on a regular basis, please ensure you read the privacy policy when accessing our websites*